ILAN WEISS (Mexico, 1982)

Ilan Weiss is a Mexican artist based in Brussels since 2008. He is a visual artist, photographer, writer and post-producer / colorist.

His first steps in the visual arts were inspired by the surrealist stagings of Karel Fonteyne; Belgian artist that Ilan assisted between 2009 and 2011. Under his influence, Ilan Weiss also photographs “mises en scène”, but with a different aim: he does it in order to build an image of his own fears and anxieties. For example, the fragility of life he felt through the decadence of his grandmother's health, or his sense of alienation as an immigrant, as well as the contemporary social isolation he feels in Europe. These are some of the themes he addresses at his first exhibition in Brussels ("INLAND", Contretype - 2013) and later at the Festival of Arles in France ("CHIMERES", voix-off - 2013).

More recently, Ilan has been interested in how text and image can be combined to create a narrative. In 2015, he lived in a castle occupied by performing artists, with whom he worked on new photographs. All this time he also wrote a diary. At the end of his stay, he put in a notebook pieces of texts from his diary and combined them with the images resulting from this experience. With this mixture, he draws an intimate portrait of his experience, told like a tale. It was on the basis of this book that his first book was born (MIST - Ed. Kettler Verlag, 2016).

Recently, Ilan questions the process of photographic printing. Instead of printing on paper, he decides to experiment on other media. For example, he developed a printing technique on aluminium foil. This new process causes an unexpected distortion of the image, echoing the random way in which the unconscious distorts the memory. In his last exhibition ("FALL", H18 - 2016) he reveals a dozen works from this research.